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Our vision is to provide a suite of domestic robotic solutions at an affordable price using common hardware and no homemade electronics.

RoboChat 2.0

RoboChat 2.0 provides interaction with your Roomba using a chat text interface. Order your robot to vacuum the floor and see it move around as it cleans the room.

RoboControl 3.0

Control your iRobot Roomba from anywhere. Using any internet-enabled device, command your robot to vacuum the floor at the push of a button while at home or halfway around the world.

RoboServer 3.0

RoboServer 3.0 is a server application that interacts with your iRobot Roomba using a Bluetooth serial connection.


RoboFriend empowers your robot with autonomy, intelligence and personality. Interact with your robot using speech as you would any human being.

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