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What is MyRobots?

MyRobots.com Official Logo

MyRobots.com aims to connect all robots and intelligent devices to the Internet. We augment their capabilities so they can do more, enabling them to be remotely monitored and controlled. We strive to make cloud robotics a reality accessible to everyone and everything.

You can think of MyRobots as a social network for robots and smart objects (i.e. Facebook for robots). In the same way humans benefit from socializing, collaborating and sharing, robots can benefit from those interactions too by sharing their sensor information giving insight on their perspective of their current state.

Read the FAQ for more information.

How does it work?

MyRobots.com Structure

First you need a robot or a smart web-enabled object. Then, you can Sign up at MyRobots.com to connect your robots and start reaping the benefits.

Once your robot is connected, you will be able to monitor it via the web, give commands and receive alerts.

If you are building a custom robotic application, you will need to use the API in order to program and communicate with your robots. If you are using the MyRobots Connect Gateway or any Compatible Hardware, the connection will be done automatically and you will be accessing and monitoring your robots directly from your account.

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Connecting robots to the internet can have many benefits for humans and robots.


  • Greater freedom
  • Better user-experience
  • Better communication with robots
  • Real-time knowledge
  • Better return on investment


  • Monitor the robots in their real environment;
  • Offer better service to the customers (real time alerts, upgrades, apps, tips on maintenance etc.);
  • Get important statistics and information to improve the products and service;
  • Lower the cost of support, return and warranty;
  • Increase the number of registered customers;
  • Bring the community to develop robot apps for your robots;
  • Get a serious advantage on your competition and embrace the future of Cloud Robotics;
  • Have your own custom-branded interface offering web base services for your robots.


  • Increased capabilities
  • Greater functionality
  • More Intelligence
  • Longer useful life
  • Collaboration with humans and robots


MyRobots.com is a new and innovative concept an not every robot or every human can be prepared for it. See below what it takes to truly benefit from the first robot social network.


Not all humans are compatible with MyRobots. You are not compatible if any of the statements bellow apply to you:

  • I don't like robots
  • I believe technology is bad for humans and that it will overcome the human species
  • I didn't know robot vacuums exist
  • I don't know RobotShop.com
  • I don't have or want any robots or any "intelligent object" that I want to connect to Internet
  • I am not able to find the MyRobots.com website by myself
  • I think that MyRobots.com is a bad idea
  • after agreeing with all the statements above, I still think I am compatible

If you are not compatible and feel left out, we recommend to start learning about robots and soon enough you will learn to love them.


  • Any robots, intelligent devices, or hardware that you are able to program and connect to Internet, can communicate to MyRobots.com using the API
  • Many robots are directly supported and you can find the full list in the Compatible Hardware section.
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