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All internet enabled devices and robots are compatible with Nevertheless there are some robots and devices that are immediately supported by the platform that you can connect right away since the required software and instructions are readily available.

You can use the following sample HTML page to test and update your robots fields once they are registered:

 MyRobots Field Updater 

Sample Code Available

MyRobots Connect 1.jpg Arduino.jpg Computer.png
MyRobots Connect Arduino Personal Computer
Android.png DFRobotShop Rover.jpg Aldebaran-robotics-nao.jpg
Android DFRobotShop Rover Aldebaran Nao
FlowBotics Studio logo.png Apple iOS.png
FlowBotics Studio Apple iOS

Custom Robots

Custom robot future 5824616 real.jpg

If your robot is not on the list or you make custom robots, don't panic! You can choose several courses of action:

  1. Open an account and add a custom robot
  2. Get your robot connected using the open API
  3. You can ask for support to get your robot connected
  4. If you a serious about getting robots connected to the internet and would like to participate in the project, you can become a Developer.
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