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Tokens are free!

Connecting robots is FREE!

Yes, this amazing cloud robotics service is free for everyone to use. Why? Probably because we are crazy... but mostly because we love to see robots connected to the cloud. We will keep the basic service free forever (as announced by Mario Tremblay, RobotShop CEO), however, there might be upcoming premium paid services in the future.



MyRobots uses the concept of tokens, a fictitious currency, in order to control access to its data engine. These tokens can be acquired as a single unit or in bundles. The tokes will be eliminated in the upcoming updates, so you will not need to worry about them anymore.

The Bank

Every user has access to its own token bank where they can accumulate tokens and assign them to their robots. You can access the bank by logging into your account and going to the "Manage Tokens" section.


Robots can use the tokens that are assigned to them in order to gain access to the data engine.

Each tokens grants a single robot access to the data engine for a month. Tokens can be assigned to the robot when you add it to your account or from the "Manage Token" section.

Renewing Tokens

You can individually authorize your robots to take tokens from your bank in case they run out of tokens by enabling the Auto-renew option. You can also have your account get more tokens when they run empty.


  • It takes one token to give a single robot access to for one month.
  • Tokens are free for a limited but undefined period of time. Grab them while you can!
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