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What is MyRobots.com

MyRobots.com is a social network for robots and smart objects. In the same way humans use social networks to interact and collaborate with other humans, robots can benefit from being connected to other robots. By sharing a common communication platform, robots can share their (very often different) perspective of the world and achieve more than they could on their own.

If your robot connect to the internet, you can immediately use MyRobots.com to monitor their status (e.g. monitor their sensors, see how they are doing) and display alerts (e.g. the site can alert you if the robot's temperature goes beyond a certain threshold that you deem unsafe).

You can set your robots to be public so other people or robots can use their data and collaborate or interact.

Why would I need to know my robot's temperature?

Temperature is a useful metric but it is mainly a proof-of-concept. It is a simple and convenient way to illustrate that sensor readings can be monitored.

Many more things could be monitored. For instance, a Roomba could alert when it gets stuck somewhere or is not able to finish its tasks. Also, anomalies could be detected: if a sensor is giving always the same reading, or a battery level is always too low, it can be inferred that the battery ended its useful life or that the sensor is defective.

Another application could involve a robot such as Nao that could alert when he sees a stranger in the house at a time where that would be inappropriate.

My robot already can connect to the internet. How is this different?

MyRobots.com Structure

Many robots can already connect to the Internet using their own protocols and proprietary websites. With MyRobots.com, we can get them all connected in the same platform and have them communicate with each other and use many of the same applications.

How Much do I need to pay for this?

Nothing, its free!

How to I get My Robots Connected?

See the Get Started section to get your robots connected right away.

What is the vision of MyRobots.com

Connecting robots and devices to the Internet is rapidly becoming a common and standard functionality. These smart devices make the "Internet of things" and can benefit form being connected to each other in the same way humans benefit form being connected to the internet by having access to a seemingly infinite amount of information.

Robots and Smart devices can use this connectivity to augment their intelligence by running tasks in the MyRobots servers instead of using their processors. Enabling robots to run their applications in the cloud is our end goal and constitutes what we call Cloud Robotics.

What is Cloud Robotics?

Cloud Robotics is the application of the cloud computing concept to robots. This means using the Internet to augment the robots capabilities by off-loading computation and providing services on demand.

Being connected to the cloud also helps robots to collaborate with other machines, smart objects and humans. Through this collaboration, robots transcend their physical limitations and become more useful and capable since they can delegate parts of their tasks to more suitable parties.

By combining the increased communication capabilities to the ability and flexibility of running and storing part of their intelligence (i.e. software, behaviours and apps)on the MyRobots.com infrastructure, smart objects and robots become augmented and constitute a new and revolutionary concept and the future of robotic intelligence: Cloud Robotics.

Read the full interview of Mario Tremblay (CEO and founder of RobotShop) about Cloud Robotics and MyRobots.com.

What CONCRETE thing can I do with cloud Robotics?

Not all robots have the same sensors or the same access to information. For instance, if the stove, the fridge and the mixer report that have been used, and that your Nao sees many new people in the house, a cloud robotic application can inferred that there was a gathering or a dinner party and that the robot vacuum should probably clean more on the next day since the house might be dirtier.

A simpler example could involve a Nao detecting there is nobody in the house, and with this knowledge, a robot vacuum could decide it is appropriate to start cleaning. These examples can be seen as science fiction at the moment but are very close to become a reality.

Tell me more about the MyRobots App Store?

The MyRobots App Store was moved to the New RobotShop App Store.

See the developers section to know how to submit an app.

Learn more about the RobotShop App Store in the updated FAQ

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