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What is MyRobots? Official Logo aims to connect all robots and intelligent devices to the Internet. We augment their capabilities so they can do more, enabling them to be remotely monitored and controlled. We strive to make cloud robotics a reality accessible to everyone and everything.

You can think of MyRobots as a social network for robots and smart objects (i.e. Facebook for robots). In the same way humans benefit from socializing, collaborating and sharing, robots can benefit from those interactions too by sharing their sensor information giving insight on their perspective of their current state.

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Connect Official Logo

Follow these steps in order to quickly connect your robots to

  1. Sign Up to create your account.
  2. Add your Robot to your account
  3. Use the Sample code found in the Compatible Hardware to connect your robot.

Once your robot is registered you will be presented with instructions in order to set up the connection on the robot's side by providing it with its Robot Key.

This assumes your robot can either connect directly to the internet or to your MyRobots Connect. See how to set up your MyRobots Connect or, if you still have question, see the FAQ.

Define Alerts

Robots can react to certain conditions by using alerts. There are several types of conditions:

  • String - the robot's status or one of its sensors contains, starts with, is equal to, or eds with a certain string
  • Status - the same as string but only applying to the robot status.
  • Numeric - one of the robot's sensors is less than, equal to, or greater than a certain value.
  • Geo - the robot's coordinates are within or further than a certain distance of a geographical coordinate.
  • No data check - raises a flag if the robot did not communicate for a certain period of time.

In order to define alerts to make your robot react to certain conditions, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your robot's page
  2. Click on "Define Alerts"
  3. Click on "Create Alerts"
  4. Enter the Alert Name
  5. Select the Condition Type
  6. Select the Test Frequency
  7. Select the Test Options
  8. Define the Condition
  9. Enter a Message (use %%trigger%% to view the trigger value)
  10. Choose the available actions
    1. Send an email
    2. Make an HTTP post
  11. Click on "Update Alert"

Compatible Robots Structure

We are working hard to bring compatibility to as many robots as possible, so chances are that your robot is already supported. See the Compatible Hardware section in order to learn more about compatible robots and how you can start reaping the benefits.

API for Advanced Users

If you are making your own robot or have a robot that is not yet supported, head to the API section in order to learn how to get your robot to interact with Once your robot is ready, you can share your code and insight on the Forum and it could even be selected to become an officially supported robot.


Robots can be made public in order to share their data with the world but if a robot is made public it needs to be appropriate for a general audience. Vulgarity or offensive content will not be tolerated in public robots since we want to keep a friendly atmosphere.


If you are a manufacturer and want to connect your product to MyRobots, please contact us.

Connecting robots to the internet can have many benefits for humans and robots.


  • Greater freedom
  • Better user-experience
  • Better communication with robots
  • Real-time knowledge
  • Better return on investment


  • Monitor the robots in their real environment;
  • Offer better service to the customers (real time alerts, upgrades, apps, tips on maintenance etc.);
  • Get important statistics and information to improve the products and service;
  • Lower the cost of support, return and warranty;
  • Increase the number of registered customers;
  • Bring the community to develop robot apps for your robots;
  • Get a serious advantage on your competition and embrace the future of Cloud Robotics;
  • Have your own custom-branded interface offering web base services for your robots.


  • Increased capabilities
  • Greater functionality
  • More Intelligence
  • Longer useful life
  • Collaboration with humans and robots
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