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MyRobots is offering web-base services that are offered free of charge. Use it at your own risk. By the simple action of using and navigating the web site, you are indicating your acceptance of the following “Term of uses”.

MyRobots reserves the right to modify at any time and without notification its website, its content and its Terms of Use. If you are not in agreement with one or many of these conditions, please do not use the website in any way.

Products & Services

All information, images, descriptions, applications, demonstrations or programming examples contained on MyRobots are presented for instructional value and are not guaranteed for any precise objectives. Although MyRobots does everything possible to provide the best information available, MyRobots cannot guarantee that this information is correct and precise and assumes no responsibility for omissions or errors. Furthermore, MyRobots assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of the material or services contained on its website, or for transgressions of copyrights and/or intellectual property from a third party relative to the use of said material.

The primary responsibility for the use or operation of a robot (or its technology) in the presence of human beings falls on the user / owner.

Be vigilant, act prudently, play safe and have fun!

Security and Privacy

If you decide to put a robot public in your account, we understand that you want us to share the information specific to this robot with the world, and this is exactly what we are going to do. If you don’t want to become a hero of science and technology, please, keep it private.

Vulgarity and Obscenity

If a robot is made public, it needs to be appropriate for a general audience. Vulgarity or offensive content will not be tolerated in public robots since we want to keep a friendly atmosphere.

-- Respectfully, The MyRobots Team

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